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IVISIONIC, positioned as a high-tech and cutting-edge technology enterprise, is committed to providing ultra-low latency video reliable transmission, video analysis software and hardware products in complex scenarios, focusing on vehicle-road collaboration, intelligent driving, industrial Internet 4.0, telemedicine, etc. Field users provide high-quality end-to-end solutions, leading the world in the field of ultra-low latency intelligent visual information processing. VIEW MORE


LightweightUltra-low latency lossless video encoding

Microsecond delay
Lossless image quality
Low complexity and low power consumption
High flexibility and scalability


High-precisionvisual positioning
and tracking technology

Within 100 meters deviation< 0.2 m
Realize distance measurement, speed measurement, positioning, tracking recognition, instance segmentation, etc.
Detection precision in close proximity to LIDAR and millimeter wave (MMW) radar
High-precision monocular vision ranging and speed measurement

IVISIONIC facilitates a number of leading companiesin the industry to solve the pain points of remote control and high-precision positioning



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